The Research


Ever since Orlane was created, it has had its own research laboratories and production facilities a ten- hectare site near Orleans in France.

As specialists in the most advanced cosmetology research, the Orlane Laboratories have expanded their field of investigation though collaboration with two associate research centers in Japan and Italy.

This independence enables the supervision, control and mastery of every stage of product development from the creation to the manufacture of every Orlane care product.

Each ingredient is chosen with the utmost care and attention to meet the brand’s criteria of excellence.

The expertise of our laboratories permits perfect mastery of the optimal dosage and the synergies of active ingredients to achieve the desired efficacy, while ensuring the safety and harmlessness of each formula.

By combining the natural and biotechnological active principles, the Orlane Laboratories develop ultra- advanced care formulas whose effectiveness is proven.


Orlane has been in the forefront of research ever since its creation working on the latest advances and scientific investigations with a single aim in mind – to restore the powers of our skin.

The latest research in chronobiology and cutaneous physiology, including the use of sirtuins, means that each skincare formula offers genuine treasures of innovation.

This scientific and sensual approach to beauty is incarnated through airy, delicious, comfortable and delightfully perfumed textures that envelop the skin in an instant feeling of well-being.


As pioneers in the science of anti-aging, the Orlane Laboratories were among the first to base their research on the fabulous energy potential at the heart of cells to enable skin to recover its original qualities.

This research resulted in the amazing anti-aging B21 Bio-Energic complex.

With its three synergic actions it energizes, firms and hydrates, making the B21 Bio-Energic complex the very essence of Orlane quality.


  • All the formula are subjected to skin tolerance tests performed by external laboratories in order to ensure their perfect safety.
  • Product efficacy has been proven through research performed by a clinical expertise institute authorized by the French Ministry of Health.
  • No Orlane care product finds its way into female hands before it has excelled in every measurement of efficacy, innocuousness and total safety.
  • These measurements are particularly rigorous and are performed under dermatological supervision. Orlane chose, long before the introduction of the new European legislation, not to test its care products on animals.