The brand


The House of Orlane has been creating legendary cosmetic care since 1947.

Valuable skin care with extraordinary textures contain the most recent and innovative discoveries in anti-aging cosmetics.

Ever since the firm’s creation, thanks to the expertise of its research laboratories near Orleans, it has been producing the skin care formulas based on a truly scientific approach to beauty, one that perfectly matches the reputation of the French manufacturing label.

Orlane has developed a genuine care philosophy and an unequalled anti-aging complex, known as B21 Bio- Energic complex that makes it possible to launch the key mechanisms for a youthful skin.

Combined with a unique know-how through the Institute, this philosophy expresses the quintessence of total expertise dedicated entirely to beauty.

It is the very synonym of excellence for the most demanding women.

Orlane is transmitted like a secret for its initiates, a vision of beauty that is able to cheat time.


For the past thirty years, the House of Orlane has belonged to the Italian cosmetics group Kelémata, which is 100% family-owned.

The company was founded by a pharmacist who loved plants and nature; he relied on his extended family in which each member works for a particular brand using all their skills and enthusiasm.

All have beauty in their genes and share with their teams their values of commitment, investment and respect to develop products of outstanding quality.

Innovation in the service of beauty. The Orlane woman, elegant and demanding, is exceptionally open to innovation and appreciates Orlane’s scientific approach.


The Orlane brand achieves more than 80% of its income abroad.

Its products, synonymous with excellence, are distributed throughout the world.