Highlighter Care Brush

Featured in VOGUE magazine:
One Fine Day: The Wedding Guide
Runway Inspiration: Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2012

Named BEST HIGHLIGHTER by SHAPE Magazine in their 2013 Beauty SHAPE Awards!
Dark circles are reduced, while lines and imperfections are blurred, lighting up the complexion. The skin is smooth and radiant, with youthful eyes.

Feedback from Celebrity Makeup Artist Agostina Lombardo:
"It's amazing! I love it's sheer texture and how it highlights the face with just the right amount of shine. And it couldn't have come at a better time. Right before Comicon and the Toronto Film Festival when my clients have long hours and little sleep. I've used a lot of highlight products before but this one's my favorite! It really does give the look of being well rested and refreshed all day long. So, far I've used it on Anna Gunn - Emmy nomination this year for best supporting actress in a drama series (Breaking Bad), Elizabeth McGovern - The show is up for an Emmy nomination (Downton Abbey), Kristen Bauer (True Blood - Comicon) to just name a few."


For instant glamour, this glow enhancing pen instantly wakes up and illuminates the complexion, refreshes the eyes and beautifies the face.


Dab lightly over the areas to be illuminated, then blend using the fingertips.

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