Orlane Quality & ExcellenceThe Orlane Laboratories: high standards, precision and creativity
Orlane has always maintained its own Research and Development Laboratories, as well as its manufacturing factories in France and Italy, with the aim for total independence and control of the creation and production of its products. Creativity, high standards, precision and an eye for detail in the development of each new product… Orlane Laboratories have their own cosmetic signature with unique textures and formulas. 


Based at the Orléans site, a team of expert researchers works continuously to select the best active ingredients and optimize the concentrations of each active ingredient. The precise choice, dosage and synergy of these active ingredients are the secret behind the extreme performance of Orlane products. All of the formulas are subjected to allergy and skin tolerance tests in exterior laboratories in order to ensure their perfect safety. The effectiveness of the products is proven by studies conducted in an independent Clinical Expertise Institute authorized by the Ministry of Health. 


These high standards illustrate why Orlane is now one of the most premium brands in the cosmetics industry.


Quality: an absolute priority 

Orlane products are made with carefully selected and inspected active ingredients to meet the brand’s criteria of excellence:

  • perfect control of the optimal dosage of active ingredients to achieve the desired effectiveness while ensuring ideal safety,
  • the use of active ingredients of the same high quality,
  • total control of blends of natural and biological extracts that make it possible to create synergies and boost the effectiveness of each active ingredient.


Orlane stopped all animal testing on its products well before this was required by European legislation. The effectiveness measurements are particularly strict and skin tolerance tests are always conducted under dermatological supervision.  


These high standards in terms of quality and perfect skin tolerance guarantee the excellence of Orlane products.