House of Orlane ProductsThe products: scientific expertise devoted to beauty

Orlane creates legendary skincare products that mark the history of beauty with their singularity, sense of innovation and performance. Precious skincare products with extraordinary textures feature the most recent and innovative discoveries in anti-aging cosmetics. Formulas adapt the latest research breakthroughs to continuously offer their benefits.


The concept: restore the skin’s original capacities

The Orlane Laboratories were forerunners in the field of anti-aging skincare. With the creation of the B21 Bio-Energic Anti-Aging Complex, they were the first to base their expertise on the fabulous potential of energy to reeducate the skin and allow it to regain its original functions, conditions essential to its beauty, youthfulness and radiance.


These skincare products benefit from groundbreaking anti-aging cosmetic discoveries. By restoring all of the skin’s powers, they provide tailor-made solutions to the specific needs of the skin at all ages.


Organized in programs, these cutting-edge skincare products have always worked to enhance the beauty of the most demanding women, all throughout their lives.

  • Firming Program
  • Extreme Line-Reducing Program
  • Absolute Skin Recovery Program
  • Hydration Program


B21 Bio-Energic Anti-Aging Complex 

The B21 Bio-Energic Anti-Aging Complex is the scientific signature of Orlane skincare products. Present in all Orlane anti-aging skincare products, this plant-based complex combines CERELLINE II®, RAFFERMINE® and SODIUM HYALURONATE. It acts in harmony with epidermal processes, helping to maintain the skin’s dynamic vital rhythm and preserve its tone and youthfulness.

  • CERELLINE II®: wheat germ protein hydrolyzate
  • RAFFERMINE®: soy fiber extract
  • SODIUM HYALURONATE: powerful moisturizer* from the polysaccharide family