The history: an anti-aging skincare legend

Right from the start, Orlane knew beauty products could be incredibly effective. In 1947, Orlane proved to be a forerunner of anti-aging skincare by becoming the first brand to use “truly active” ingredients in its products. Even its advertisements were innovative thanks to their illustrated skin cross-sections. Therefore, it came as no surprise that Orlane had already claimed its place as the benchmark anti-aging skincare brand.


The founding principle of Orlane anti-aging skincare is the B21 Bio-Energic Anti-Aging Complex, based on the fabulous potential of energy to re-educate the skin. It has adapted to reflect research breakthroughs, but remains at the heart of each Orlane anti-aging formula.


Today, this spirit of innovation still makes a striking impact on the beauty market. On the cutting edge of technology, Orlane anti-aging formulas are famous for their extreme quality and excellence.


The company: a family business on an international scale

Mr. Giraudi, a visionary founder and pharmaceutical doctor, has created, directed and developed the Italian cosmetics Kelémata group for almost 30 years. He is backed by his daughter Raffaëlla, Managing Director of Orlane, and his son Gian-Luca, CEO of Orlane.  The Orlane brand is distributed in about 75 countries.

House of Orlane History