Elixir Royal

30 ml / 1.0 oz

Exceptional Anti-Aging Care

Elixir Royal, a luxurious pure youth concentrate of fresh Royal Jelly, 24-Karat Gold and Stargazer Lily, carries their powerful revitalizing and spot-reducing properties into the heart of cells. A powerful product for the ultimate anti-aging effect using unique scientific technology.


Fresh Royal Jelly: high concentration of trace elements, vitamins, and amino acids, making it an extremely effective anti-aging ingredient.

Smart Ingredient Vectorization: Revolutionary Delivery System
* delivers fresh royal jelly to the heart of skin cells in it’s free form for instant results
* via a plant micropatch grid that releases the royal jelly over time
* in the form of phytospheres for targeted release deep into the skin

24-Karat Gold: stimulates the production of elastic fibers and prevents skin slackening, renews and energizes, detoxifying and anti-inflammatory to help skin protect against stressors and free radicals.

Spot Reduction: Stargazer Lily, is a maritime flower, effective in significantly reducing pigmentation of brown spots.


Use morning and night, under Crème Royale.
Orlane, the anti-aging expert, has revisited its legendary Royal Jelly treatment to create CREME ROYALE, CREME ROYALE YEUX, CREME ROYALE NECK AND DECOLLETE, and ELIXIR ROYAL.
These exceptional products, with their luscious textures, provide the most demanding skin with Royal Jelly's secret to longevity and the extraordinary anti-aging prowess of 24-carat-gold.
A luxurious response to the most ambitious anti-aging goal : "bringing your skin back to life."

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