Bronzing Pressed Powder Soleil Cuivre 02

A bronzing powder for a healthy glow all year round.

Makeup artist Tricia Sawyer used Bronzing Pressed Powder Soleil Cuivre 02 to create Robin Wright’s glowing Emmy’s look by "[contouring] her face with a small angled blush brush, running it along her jawline and the hollows of her cheeks."
The lightweight, fine texture makes it easy to apply the powder so it looks natural, with no heavy appearance. The complexion is instantly beautified, matte and natural, for a radiant face.


This fine, silky powder instantly beautifies the skin, giving it a subtle, natural tan that can be increased as desired. With natural moisturizing and nourishing ingredients, it feels comfortable all day long, while smoothing the skin and boosting the complexion’s healthy glow.


Use a large brush to apply the powder to the whole face.