Anti-Fatigue Absolute Radiance Cream

50 ml / 1.7 oz

The Anti-Fatigue Solution: Eliminate all signs of fatigue, stress, and pollution.
Deeply revitalized, skin regains its optimal radiance as if fatigue had never existed. Your features appear relaxed, radiant, and youthful.


The Anti-Fatigue Absolute Radiance Cream contains an exclusive complex which thoroughly eliminates all signs of fatigue, stress, and pollution.

In one week, the Anti-Fatigue Absolute Radiance Cream:
* intensely detoxifies. Silk Tea Extract inhibits protein glycation and neutralizes free radicals.
* revitalizes and protects against pollutants. Contains Shea Butter Seed extract which helps to neutralize pollutants and protect the skin.
* fights against stress-induced aging, preserving telomeres which safeguard a cell's life span.
* restores all of the skin's energy, instantly via our Energesium complex, and long term by our B21 Energic Complex.


Apply morning and night. For all skin types.
The absolute recovery treatment for the face.
Fatigue is an aggravating factor in aging. Our skin reflects our lifestyle, staggering under the impact of stress, overwork and daily annoyances. Absolute Skin Recovery reeducates your skin, helping restore its natural mechanisms.

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